Below is a piece of a local pizza place menu where Jacob works. Large Cheese Pizza $14.85Large Supreme Pizza $16.90Cheese Sticks $5.99Dessert Pizza $6.995. Adding additional toppings to a large cheese pizza cost $1.39 per topping. The equation 14.85 + 1.39x = 20 can be used to determine the number of toppings that can be added to a large cheese pizza for a total of $20. Jacob solves the equation and says you can get 4 toppings added if you have $20. Is this reasonable? Justify your response. If the answer is not reasonable, identify the error and then calculate the correct solution.

Accepted Solution

It is not reasonable because if someone were to add 4 toppings, the price would be $20.41. However, if a person were to add 3 toppings using that equation, the price would $19.02.Β